Meet Jaymion Moore: Youth of the Year for A.R. “Gus” Barksdale Boys & Girls Club

Meet Jaymion Moore: Youth of the Year for A.R. “Gus” Barksdale Boys & Girls Club
October 27, 2018 BGCMA

Jaymion Ke’Shawn Moore has attended the A.R. Barksdale Boys & Girls Club since he was 6 years old; he grew up there, he says.  As a child, Jaymion remembers feeling excited by the huge number of activities he could take part in, and the adults who supported him no matter what.  As a 17-year old, he is still impressed by the array of opportunities at the Club, and by the Club staff who have supported him over the years.

The Barksdale Club has always been a source of support for Jaymion: he recalls Club staff from childhood, including Ms. Regina, who influenced him during a crucial period of life, and helped him “find the right path,” he says.  Last year, life was particularly challenging for Jaymion and his family—which includes his mother, his aunt and his sister—when they lost everything in a house fire. This year, tragedy struck when his father passed away unexpectedly. In both cases, he says, it was the adults at the Club who offered support, encouraged him to keep going while acknowledging his pain, and to pursue his dreams in spite of incredible challenge. Following his dreams, of course, meant continuing to pursue his goal of being Youth of the Year.

Jaymion is an accomplished young person, both inside and outside of his Club. In addition to his Youth of the Year responsibilities, he has been both the Treasurer and the President of Keystone Club, a leadership club for teen members. Last year, Jaymion also participated last year in Career Bound; the best part, he says, was going on college tours, which helped him better visualize all the opportunity that awaits him after he finishes high school.  Jaymion also volunteers at the Club for events like parent orientation nights. In addition to his Club activities, he is on the swim team, the tennis team and the tactical team at Heritage High School in Rockdale.

Jaymion has set his sights on college, where he intends to double major in business and theater.  From there, a career awaits him as an actor, and also, as an entrepreneur.  Jaymion would like to open a restaurant and manage the kitchen and business operations of the venue.

On why he wants to receive the honor of Youth of the Year, Jaymion says, “I want to represent youth and give them a voice.  I want to encourage them to do whatever they want to do; they need to know they can always rise to the occasion, no matter the obstacle, and be great.”