You Helped Kids Become Leaders

You Helped Kids Become Leaders
August 3, 2018 BGCMA


At just 7 years old, Kai walked through the doors of her Boys & Girls Club feeling shy and insecure – all because of her “crooked smile.” She was often teased and bullied by her classmates at school and the
self-doubt had put a stop to her laughter. She decided no one could make fun of her if they never saw her smile. The second-grader stayed to herself and her pain deepened.

Luckily for Kai, the staff at her Club saw so much more. Because of your support, Kai signed up for Boys & Girls Club’s Marel Brown Creative Writing Competition – one of the many programs offered at her Club to
help her reach her full potential. Through Marel Brown, not only did Kai find a passion and talent in creative writing, but also an outlet to express herself and the confidence to accept and love who she is and
what she is working to become.

Today, that once self-conscious 7-year-old stands tall as a confident 18-year-old. She is representing Boys & Girls Clubs across the region as Georgia’s State Youth of the Year. Because of your support, Kai pushed
herself further than she ever imagined and now shares her smile as a beacon of hope for thousands across the country. Thank you!

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