When School is Out, Stay Engaged

When School is Out, Stay Engaged
March 16, 2020 BGCMA

GooseChase Interactive Challenges

Download the GooseChase app through your App Store or Google Play! App is available for iPhones and Androids. Once the app is downloaded, you can choose to create an account or continue as a guest.

Check Back for New Games Launching Soon!


Youth Development Tips & Tricks Video Series

As many parents and caregivers learn new roles and routines with the children in their homes, we’re excited to launch our Youth Development Tips & Tricks video series! Check out quick tips on everything from homework help to how to have meaningful conversations with kids (and so much more!)


Top 5 Activities for the Week!


Learn Something New!

Learn how to draw your favorite Disney characters! Visit the official Disney Parks YouTube Drawing Series.


Play Something Fun!

Learn all about space and play super fun games at NASA Kids’ Club!


Spread Kindness!

We all know that COVID-19 has drastically changed our world. With all the cancelled events and the ever-changing guidelines for how we shop in a grocery store, this time can definitely be overwhelming. Use this creative writing tool to document your feelings and reactions during this unique time, and reflect on the gratitude and the positive ways that this time is changing us as well.


Take a Virtual Field Trip!

Experience whale sharks, penguins, jellyfish, and even alligators through the GA Aquarium Webcams!


Teen Scene

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a rollercoaster??? Here, you can experience some of the craziest rollercoasters as if you were actually riding them! Engineering rollercoasters is no easy feat- if you were to design your ideal rollercoaster, what would it be like? What safety features would it include? Would it have a theme? Would it be the tallest, fastest, or have the most spirals? Let your imagination go to work and see what you can create!


Food Support

With schools out, Clubs closed, and certain items difficult to find, we know that finding nutritious food for your family is important. The health and safety of our members, our staff, and the community is our #1 priority.

We have pulled together a list of food support in your community.

Check out our list of resources. 


Family Services

From financial to housing assistance to emotional support and healthcare, we are here for you.

Community partners across the state are stepping up. Check out our list of resources to support you and your family.


Homework Help

With schools out and Clubs clubs closed, we understand many parents may be struggling to help kids stay on track with schoolwork. At Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, we know the key to success starts with a solid education.

Check back for regular updates of resources to help the kid in your life stay engaged and on track during this time.


Club Closures 

We follow the operating schedules of County/City district schools so if your County/City district school has a closure, your local Club will be closed as well.

Check out our list of closures.


Help Us Continue to Serve our Mission

As Atlanta’s kids and families face challenges with food insecurity, financial instability, mental health, social distancing and homeschool, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta has stepped up to fill the gap. We need your support – now more than ever. 


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 Check out what’s coming up!