August 15, 2016 Carly Robinson

As we all are growing and learning, this year the LINK program will be growing, by adding a pinning ceremony, as you pass through each of the LINK levels.
CALLING ARTISTS! Now taking designs for LINK buttons with one large round center button, and round satellite smaller buttons around it. For a total of seven (7) button designs.

ENTRIES DUE by FIT recruitment day, Sept 17 at Brookhaven.
Entries can be computer art or hand drawn, but must be round and reprintable.
VOTING will take place at lunchtime that Saturday. Youth VOICE—what do you hope the buttons look like? I’d love to see your ideas!


L.I.N.K. PROGRAM @ Camp Kiwanis

( Leaders In Nature’s Kingdom)

Purpose:  To train campers for future environmental jobs, character & leadership.

L.I .T. (Leaders In Training) & Egwani: Each club sends Junior Leaders {LIT} to camp during their session at Camp Kiwanis. The LIT’s will assist the FIT’s. If they are returning campers, they may attend as an Egwani—high adventure camp for returning teens. For ages 13-15.

F. I .T. (Facilitators In Training) A year round program consisting of eight weekend trips during the school year and seven weeks during the resident camping program. The weekly schedule during the summer consists of being with an assigned group, and include training, working and playing; as are the school year weekends. They must be minimum of 14 years old., By Jan 1

A. L. O. T. (America’s Leaders of Tomorrow) These youth have successfully graduated from the FIT program and are ready to refine their skills while providing vital services for the operation of camp. During the school year program, they attend weekend retreats, and are role models for the FIT’s. An eight week work experience (2nd or 3rd year) in kitchen or maintenance. If skilled, these members may assist in program areas. They must be at least 15 years old.

L. I. N. K. * Instructor (Leaders In Natures Kingdom) These youth have gained both the hard skills (i.e. Kayaking) and soft skills (i.e. group dynamics) and are ready to demonstrate these skills with youth in the FIT/ALOT programs and campers. They have the opportunity to work on weekends in the kitchen and as junior counselors. LINK members most likely are graduates of the F.I.T. & A.L.O.T. Programs and are not ready to be a Facilitator (due to age or experience level). They must be at least 16 years old.

Alumni (Graduates of the Leadeship development program -L.I.N.K.) They may be contracted to work on weekends and during the summer as staff.

Newest  Expansion: ** LINK Lite  (Learning IN the Environment) – This shorten version of the LINK program allows potential LINK members, and close runners up, a chance to prove themselves, as volunteers, for future leadership opportunities.  If you  make the Finals (but are not accepted), you can be a part of the LINK Lite program.  This group will meet once during the school year and will volunteer 2 weeks out of the summer.  These are also our go-to people when we have positions to fill.