Meet Pearline Allen: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for Joseph B. Whitehead Boys & Girls Club

Meet Pearline Allen: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for Joseph B. Whitehead Boys & Girls Club
November 2, 2016 BGCMA

Pearline Allen began attending the Joseph B. Whitehead Boys & Girls Club at 11 years old. Coming into the Club, Pearline admits that she was very shy and unmotivated. Her thoughts were riddled with self-doubt and insecurity. She was different and she knew it.

Pearline shares, “A counselor named Ms. Monica one day told me that I could come talk to her if I needed to… we talked about things like self-love and being the best me I could be.”

This, along with other supportive mentors and peers at the Club, ultimately paved the way to Pearline thinking more positively. Her mentors at school and in the Club note that she is special. She is now known for the endurance of her positive outlook despite what is sometimes negative circumstances. Those who know

her best describe her as engaged, inquisitive, and intelligent.

She has taken her past fears by the reigns and now actively participates in several academic and leadership programs in and outside of the Club including Upward Bound, Y.S.P. (Young Sister with Purpose), Skills USA, and Mock Trial. She has even become active in her own community by volunteering with the Foundation of Hope and Favor House.

Though, even with her newfound confidence and drive to become a leader, Pearline refuses to forget where she came from. She recalls being bullied intensely while in school. It eventually stopped but the memories remain. As a result of her experiences, Pearline has found her voice and has taken a stand against bullying in her Club. She knows that there is “an innocent boy or girl out there struggling” like she once was. She hopes that she can become Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta’s Youth of the Year to give that young boy or girl hope too.

There’s a quote that has helped Pearline always remain true to herself.

“If you are lucky enough to be different, don’t change.”

Pearline hopes to attend college post-graduation to study social work and psychology. She has big dreams to start her own group home and make an impact in the lives of youth in the same was Boys & Girls Club has impacted her own.

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