Meet Kennyce Howard: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for Brookhaven Boys & Girls Club

Meet Kennyce Howard: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for Brookhaven Boys & Girls Club
October 31, 2016 BGCMA

When Kennyce joined Boys & Girls Club in 2011, she was admittedly very shy, but you would hardly believe that if you met her today. Over the last 6 years, she has blossomed into a confident leader who can light up a room with her infectious smile and enduring positivity. Her mentors describe her as a “charitable self-starter” with a “resolute ambition” to succeed and these qualities are displayed often by her tenacious and persistent attitude.

After joining her high school’s cheerleading squad, Kennyce cofounded the Brookhaven Blackhawks cheerleading squad at her Club. In an effort to raise money to attend the National Keystone Conference, she started a healthy snack store at the Club. And once she became a junior staff member at the Club, she took the lead over a cooking program that explores new cuisines each session.

Furthering her natural affinity to leadership, Kennyce has taken on a number of leadership roles including serving as part of the Teen Ambassadors program and as vice president of her Club’s Keystone group.

Kennyce explains, “I hope I can inspire other teens in my community to follow the leadership path.”

What is more, Kennyce has found that she is also passionate about serving those in her community.

Not only does she volunteer for the Special Olympics at her school, but she also volunteers in her community as a member of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America.

In her Club, she works with young girls a part of Absolutely Fabulous (“Ab Fab”) – a mentoring program for middle school girls she cofounded with her own mentor, Kelsey Russel. Russel believes that Kennyce’s role has been “integral to the evolution of the program” and credits her largely for the impact it has had at Brookhaven.

Even so, this young leader is far from complete in making her own impact.

“I want to go around the US and help implement some of the programs that I founded at my Club.”

She is determined to reach her goals – free from distractions – and vows to never change her mind about becoming a surgeon despite the hard work and dedication she knows it will take.

“All of the parties, boys, and friends become irrelevant because I know all of that can wait until after I’m done achieving my dreams.”

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