Meet James Creese: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for A. Worley Brown Boys & Girls Club

Meet James Creese: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for A. Worley Brown Boys & Girls Club
October 31, 2016 BGCMA

When first meeting James Creese, many would characterize him as a polite, quiet, and kind person. But there is much more behind the exterior he portrays to the world. He is not simply quiet, but a young teen who is often deep within his thoughts looking for the best way to express himself with impact.

You see, James believes in the power of communication.

“I feel that the youth of America can become greater communicators through increased awareness and over time become better leaders.”

Despite his insightful outlook, James did not always see value in what he once described as his siblings’ daycare.  When he first arrived at Boys & Girls Club at 12 years old he didn’t realize that he lacked confidence and that the Club would shape the future of his life.

Prior to joining, he recalls spending his days alone. He’s what many would describe as an introvert and had long decided that his peers viewed him as weird. Although he had a natural artistic ability, was intent on attending college, and had his faith, he self-admittedly moved through life with little motivation.

Today, his story is much different.

“With hard work and dedication, I plan to be a proper role model, striving for academic and artistic excellence to lead by example,” James explains.

It was his mentors, the staff members and his peers at the Club who taught him how to be comfortable in his own skin. He credits Mr. Anthony and Mr. J at the A. Worley Brown Club for

pushing him to build his strengths and beliefs so he could be his best self. James was eventually able to express his witty, kind, and smart disposition more genuinely with this acceptance.

James is involved in a number of college preparatory, leadership, and art clubs including College Bound, Young Men of Excellence, and the National Art Honor Society. James also serves as the president of Keystone – a service and leadership group for teens ages 14-18 at his Club. With this exposure, he has grown to appreciate serving his community.

“Boys & Girls Club has taught me the importance of giving back to those around me. I now believe that no matter what I do in my career, I can inspire youth because that’s what the mentors at the Club did for me.”

Although heavily involved in extracurricular activities, he has proven himself academically and at school. He has taken several AP courses and even spearheaded a Scientific Tools and Technology piece for Fernbank Museum.

In the future, James plans to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering at Brandeis College or Georgia State University.

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