Meet Elijah Howard: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for Malon D. Mimms Boys & Girls Club

Meet Elijah Howard: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for Malon D. Mimms Boys & Girls Club
October 12, 2016 BGCMA

Elijah entered the Malon D. Mimms club at 8 years old, quickly earning a name for himself mostly for the trouble he caused.  But today – thanks to the supportive, committed staff at his Club – many know Elijah as a hard-working, pleasant young man who has evolved into a well-respected leader.

The teen wants his peers to know that it’s never too late to turn around. His goal is to ‘pay it forward’ like his mentors at the Club have done for him.

My Club helped me become “a better me,” Elijah said.

He says the array of academic, healthy lifestyles and character & leadership programs have each taught him lessons in “maturity, family, and forgiveness.”

Instructors like Ms. Pitts at Mimms Club taught him that learning and growing is a continual process.  He hopes his journey will encourage his peers to get on the right track.

Elijah says extra-curricular assignments from Ms. Pitts like writing poems and essays has expanded his mind and affirms that knowledge is power.  Through a combination of Elijah’s hard work and dedicated staff, Elijah now has a strong G.P.A. and makes academic success a top priority every day.

Elijah also has a strong sense of giving back.  Beyond his Club, he looks for ways to take care of his friends and family, bringing positivity to his interactions.  He volunteered to cut grass for others who could not do it themselves, one of many ways he’s giving back in his community.

Elijah has two main interests, music and basketball. Elijah finds self-expression through the music he creates.  Elijah plays varsity basketball to keep in shape and for the love of the game.  He intends to pursue a major in sports journalism/mass communications to keep close to his love of the game.

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