Meet Kevin Belcher: Youth of the Year for Thomasville Boys & Girls Club

Meet Kevin Belcher: Youth of the Year for Thomasville Boys & Girls Club
October 29, 2019 BGCMA

Age: 15

Grade: 10th

When did you join your Club?

I started going to my Club at age 11.

What types of activities are you involved with?

In Money Matters, I learned to put 25% of my earnings in savings and when I worked at the Club over the summer he was able to save for the things I needed in school. I’m also active in the CareerBound program that teaches important things about career development. Keystone taught me the importance of giving back and being a positive leader in my community.


What type of volunteer projects have you done?

As part of Keystone, I participated in a water drive for Flint, Michigan. I collected water and donations. I also helped with a canned food drive for Thanksgiving, school supply drives, and family game night.

What types of internships or career development experiences have you done?

I’ve worked as a junior staff member at my Club… I enjoy being around kids. It was a job but it was fun.

What are your goals after graduating from high school?

I want to to Berkeley School of Music or New England Conservatory to become a classical musician. The experiences I’ve gained are helping me get there. I play the clarinet at school and I’m in the Atlanta Music Project youth orchestra. I’m trying to learn piano and flute. I was awarded a scholarship for private lessons through the First Presbyterian Church Music School and have performed there accompanied by the church music director.

If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?

Reducing air pollution. We need to reduce consumption and fumes. He would also like to be an advocate for kids and encourage people to try new things.