BGCMA Ensures Tomorrow’s Leaders are College and Career Ready!

BGCMA Ensures Tomorrow’s Leaders are College and Career Ready!
May 2, 2018 BGCMA

Become a Career Wise Wednesday Partner!

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta, we give kids and teens experiences that will help them discover their talents and passions, as well as equip them with the tools they need to realize their full potential. We focus on helping them build meaningful relationships, teaching them about potential career paths, and encouraging them to develop the skills they will to succeed.

During our summer Career Wise Wednesday workshops, we work hand-in-hand with a variety of metro Atlanta companies and our business partners to educate

and expose our Club teens to the endless possibilities in their journey toward the future.

Whether their next step is college, a career, technical school, or the military, we help kids find their place and chart their path. By hosting a group of teens for a day you can give students the opportunity to peek behind the scenes at your company, speak with executives, tour the office/facility, and have hands-on experiences designed to help them learn what a day in the life of an employee is like.

How You Can Help

Host 10-15 teen Club members for a day in your office to learn about the exciting career opportunities in your field and/or company. We’ll help you build the day however you like to maximize the experience for the participating students.

Activities can include:
Tour of the office/facility
Meeting with executives to learn about their journey
Hands-on activities
Job shadowing experiences
Info sessions on training, education, recruitment, etc.
Lunch & Learn*

2018 Career Wise Wednesdays
Wednesday, June 13th
Wednesday, July 11th

*Career Wise Wednesday Partners are asked to provide lunch for students and BGCMA staff

To learn more about how your company can be a Career Wise Wednesday Partner contact Siobhan Alvarez or Barbara Richardson

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