BrookeLynn Bing Soared Beyond the Storm

BrookeLynn Bing Soared Beyond the Storm
February 28, 2020 BGCMA

Today, BrookeLynn Bing describes herself as strong, beautiful, and quirky, but she wasn’t always so self- assured.

Her confidence comes after years of “learning to rise above struggles and fly through the storms.”

It was her adoptive parents and the Boys & Girls Club that gave her the support she needed to blossom and spread her wings.

At 3 years old, BrookeLynn remembers having big sparkly eyes, freckles dancing across her face, and a wide bright smile. This was before tragedy struck.

The girl who was once excited and fascinated with life disappeared before her eyes, along with her parents. She was separated from her siblings and proceeded to bounce from one foster home to the next.

Eventually, she became hopeful when a relative took them all in to live as a family. She thought, “At least we’re in a happy home again – everything will be fine.” However, what followed was years of abuse at the hands of a family member who she once trusted.

After being removed from the home, her hope became a reality. She, along with her two younger brothers, were placed in another foster care home and eventually adopted by Mr. Calvin and Mrs. Delores Bing. Despite having five adult biological kids, the couple welcomed them with open and loving arms and now fosters two younger children as well. Last year, they celebrated their 5-year adoption with the Bing family!

The Bing family gave BrookeLynn a whole new perspective and introduced her to a new community full of people who loved and supported her.

They enrolled her at the local Boys & Girls Club where BrookeLynn immersed herself in various programs and discovered her passion for the arts. Through new friendships, she even developed a love for Korean culture. BrookeLynn began to thrive at a whole new level.

“The Club really impacted BrookeLynn’s life. I’ve seen her grow,” says Mr. Bing. Mrs. Bing adds, “Boys & Girls Clubs gives our kids such a good outlet for sports, field trips, and other productive experiences.”

Now, a few years older, BrookeLynn has established a reputation as a young leader among her peers.

In fact, BrookeLynn was one of ten kids selected, out of thousands across metro Atlanta, to have her artwork displayed at the KAI LIN ART gallery in Atlanta. She was recently crowned the 2019/2020 Youth of the Year for her Club. Having already secured multiple college scholarships, she plans to study English and Fine Arts post-graduation.

BrookeLynn hopes to one day author a book about her life. Passionate about advocating for child welfare issues, she believes “When you speak out in any way, you’re helping other people.”

She goes on to proclaim, “Love is something everyone deserves… it makes the world go ‘round.”

We agree.