A.W. “Tony” Matthews Program Highlight: Soccer For Success

A.W. “Tony” Matthews Program Highlight: Soccer For Success
November 18, 2019 Ruth Holder


The most critical part of a child’s day begins after the final bell rings. Soccer for Success is an after-school program, offered free to Club participants, that is proven to help kids establish healthy habits and develop critical life skills through trained coach-mentors and family engagement.


    Youth Members attend Soccer for Success after school three times a week throughout the academic year. Youth learn about eating right and other ways to stay healthy, and they gain important decision-making and relationship skills from their interactions with coach-mentors and peers.


    Our Soccer for Success Coach Mr. Mells is also a mentor to our youth members. He teaches our youth the fundamentals of soccer, but also strive to help children build confidence and recognize the value of hard work, teamwork and persistence in achieving personal goals. By learning what it takes to play a team sport, youth  are also being prepared to be productive citizens.


    The lessons Soccer for Success teaches don’t stop on the field. At the Club, meetings are scheduled to educate parents and guardians about how to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle and nurture their child’s personal growth.