A.W. “Tony” Matthews Boys & Girls Club After School Program 2019-2020

A.W. “Tony” Matthews Boys & Girls Club After School Program 2019-2020
June 24, 2019 Ruth Holder

After School Program 2019-2020

Registration Dates: 

K-2 Grades- July 9

3rd Grade- July 10

4th Grade- July 11

5th Grade- July 16

6th -12th Grades-  July 17

Registration Times: 10:00am-12:00pm & 3:00pm-5:00pm

ITEMS NEEDED TO REGISTER (Required Documentation)

1. Completed 2019-2020 membership application- Issued at the Club 

2. Provide one of the following proof of services if applicable –

Amerigroup, CareSource, Peach State or WellCare – Submit a copy of child’s card and most recent award letter

TANF, Peachcare for Kids, or SSI – Submit a copy of your most  recent award letter

Food Stamps or Medicaid- Submit most recent award letter or print proof of these services at  https://gateway.ga.gov

3. Check stubs from the latest 4 weeks of income. This must be submitted for every person who contributes to your household income. Proof of income is required for
all members.

4. Copy of birth certificate if your child is 6 years old

5. Copy of child’s final report card from this past school year (2018-19)

Required Payment: Based On Sliding Scale Using Annual Household Income
• Payment by Credit Card or Debit Card
• Copy of child’s Amerigroup Card and award letter
• Prepaid Credit/Debit Cards from CareSource, Peach State or WellCare.
BGCMA DOES NOT accept personal checks,  cash or vouchers.


Youth will not be permitted to register without all required items and payment on file.