2015 was another banner year for BGCMA!

2015 was another banner year for BGCMA!
March 8, 2016 BGCMA


Here are just a few of the accomplishments our Clubs have been able to achieve because you believe in our mission. Check out how your support helped shape young lives in 2015!

Because of you:

1.    Our kids feel supported! 85% report there is an adult at the Club who helps them when they have a problem and nearly 90% feel good about their futures.

2.    Our members keep coming back! With repetition comes results…and half of our members attended their Clubs three or more days per week.

3.    Our kids stand up for what is right! More than 85% report speaking up for people who’ve been treated unfairly.

4.    Our teens know the importance of giving back! More than 70 percent of our teens volunteer on at least a monthly basis – a rate three times higher than the national average.

5.    Our members know it’s better to give than receive. Check out this holiday video from our Lawrenceville kids and prepare to be inspired! (YOUTUBE LINK)

6.    Our members are reaching high with their education! 100% of our College Bound seniors graduated high school, 87% went on to higher education (a rate much higher than the national average of 68%), and Club teens were awarded a total of $1.7 million in college scholarships.

7.    Our kids are getting active! More than 800 kids participated in Soccer for Success – an expanded partnership with the U.S. Soccer Foundation serving nearly 20 Boys & Girls Clubs across the city.

8.    Our members are making smart choices! High school members are more than four times less likely to have ever smoked a cigarette, two times less likely to have ever used marijuana, and four times less likely to ever have a drink of alcohol than their Georgia and national peers.

9.    Our kids found new spaces they could call their own! We began renovations at A. Worley Brown, James T. Anderson, Jesse Draper, Lawrenceville, and A. W. Tony Matthews Boys & Girls Clubs to give our kids even better places to learn and grow.

10.  Our kids are leading in their communities! More than 1,300 kids and teens participated in key leadership programs at their Clubs to build skills they can use now and beyond. Check out a few of our talented young leaders in action!

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