Words have power

Words have power
August 8, 2017 BGCMA

Success stories - words have power

We know the power of words and we want our kids to understand this power, too. Your support makes creative programs like Power of Words possible and teaches our kids the importance of fundamental skills such as reading, writing and public speaking that youth can use beyond the classroom. This year, hundreds of entries were submitted for our creative writing contest. Many have been published in our official Marel Brown Creative Writing Anthology. Our kids also hit the stage at Woodruff Arts to perform their original works. Check out the fine work of one of our young poets!



Sarah B., 11

A. Worley Brown Boys & Girls Club

If we had to be labeled, I would be a leader.

I would show the world it is okay to be different.

We all must be different in some way.

If we were all the same, we would have no room for imagination.

Imagination is a very important factor to life, as we know it, in order to be different.

I believe there are no labels in life, only the special things that make you, well you!

In order to live in the real world you must be different and show your inner-self.


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