Making Her Mark: Perjah R.

Making Her Mark: Perjah R.
July 28, 2017 BGCMA

You Helped Kids Give Back

When Perjah B. was growing up, she was full of anger. She often felt like the world was stacked against her and felt like giving up.

Just when it had all come to a head, Perjah’s journey began at her local Boys & Girls Club. She now realizes this was a turning point in her life.

Day-by-day at the Club her anger began to ease. Not only did she develop close relationships with many of her peers, she also found positive role models in Club staff like program instructor and former Club kid, Courtney Gorman. He’s become a father figure in her eyes.

Through Keystone, a leadership and service club for high school teens, Perjah realized her passion for giving back to the community and became a leader at her Club. As the president of her Club’s Keystone program, Perjah organized a full-scale hygiene bag drive at her Club, school, and church and passed these out to homeless girls and women on Mother’s Day. They were given products and supplies they may not have been able to afford themselves. Energized by the success of this initiative, Perjah didn’t waste any time planning her next drive to help those in need.

With newfound confidence and inspiration, Perjah continued to build her leadership skills, founding her own Club program – Girl Talk – with the goal of mentoring middle school girls. She wanted to offer them support as they began a journey she had once struggled to find her way through.

Because of you, Perjah had access to resources and programs that helped mold her into a leader! This summer she made her mark as the first member of her family to go to college. She’s currently studying to become a forensic psychologist at Georgia State University.

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