Muscles & Manicures

Muscles & Manicures
August 12, 2016 Terry Mitchell

The Muscles & Manicures program is a tween and teen female fitness program started at the Jesse Draper Club. IMG_8146It was implemented upon discovering that many of our middle and high school girls were avoiding the gym on a consistent basis. With fitness and exercise becoming a recent craze, the female staff at Draper teamed up to get the girls moving by implementing an exclusive fitness program for ladies only. The program introduces our ladies to proper stretching IMG_8139techniques and different styles of strength building exercises. The girls have the freedom of selecting the style of workouts they engage in ranging from yoga, dance, and even boot camps; which is the “Muscles” component of the program. As an incentive, the fit young ladies take an end of the semester trip to a IMG_8147nail salon for manicures with their fitness group. At the Draper club we have seen improvement in self-esteem, a sense of strong & supportive sisterhood, and a normal practice of perseverance among our Muscle & Manicures participants.

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