Meet Quiana Willis: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for W.W. Woolfolk Boys & Girls Club

Meet Quiana Willis: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for W.W. Woolfolk Boys & Girls Club
October 12, 2016 BGCMA

When you sit down and begin talking with 17-year-old Quiana Willis, you can quickly see that commitment is simply a part of who she is. Quiana loves school and believes that education and the ability to learn is sometimes taken for granted by her peers. Her personal value of an education and the remarkable changes it can make in your life is a quality that drives her to succeed and to be a leader.

Quiana credits her Boys & Girls Club for helping her to become the leader she is amongst her peers.

She says “The Club helped me become less shy and to peel away the layers to become a more confident young woman, they are my family.” The Club staff and members really are a family to Quiana as she has been attending the Club since she was 6 years old. “They’ve helped me grow up, and I am forever grateful for that,” Quiana said.

Bringing attention to the Woolfolk Club is at the top of Quiana’s list when she discusses how she wants to give

back to her community. Her favorite staff member, Miss Lisa, has been a staff member for as long as she can remember. “She makes me feel like I can make a difference, and I want other kids in my neighborhood and community to know they can make a difference too no matter what their past circumstances may be.”  Not only does she say that, but Quiana believes it and is working to make it happen. She has spent the last summer volunteering at her Club by being a mentor and a cheerleading coach to younger Club members. The staff members at her Club describe her as being meticulous in her attention to detail and concern for the members and their wellbeing. All so that they have the best experience at the Club, just like Quiana has had.

Currently, Quiana is attending Washington High School but is also dually enrolled at Atlanta Metro College where she has begun taking college courses. She is a participant in Project Grad and College Map within Washington High School. She is also an active member of her Club’s College Bound program, a college readiness program for high school seniors. Her educational goals are to be accepted into Spelman College so that she can begin studying secondary education in the hopes of one day becoming a college professor and author.

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