Meet Takiya Brown: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for A.W. “Tony” Matthews Boys & Girls Club

Meet Takiya Brown: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for A.W. “Tony” Matthews Boys & Girls Club
November 1, 2016 BGCMA

Takiya Brown was apprehensive when she first joined her local Boys & Girls Club at just 12 years old. Due to struggles with peer pressure and insecurity, she admits to being closed off to the idea of opening up to her peers.

“I was so used to doing or being what others…wanted to me to be instead of just being myself.”

With encouraging words from the Club staff and her mentors, she began to gain confidence in not only herself but her ability to help others. Slowly but surely, she began to get involved with the various activities available to her at the Club.

“The staff there taught me to embrace who I am, to care for others, and to give others and myself better opportunities.”

She is a part of several programs at her Club and heads up a number of them in leadership positions. Not only does she mentor younger girls as vice president of Pink Promise, but she also serves as vice president of Keystone, her Club’s service and leadership group for teens. Furthermore, she is a part of the Money Matters program which teaches teens how to save and spend money responsibly. Takiya credits these experiences for teaching her how to be a leader and discovering her desire to become a humanitarian.

“My experiences at Boys & Girls Club has given me a newfound appreciation for life and the confidence to follow my dreams of attending college and pursuing a career as a creative writer, “ Takiya shares.

“People always told me it was impossible until I started doing the impossible.”

Learn more about the service and leadership programs that have led Takiya to discovering her passion for helping those in her community.

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