Meet Kai Hartman: Youth of the Year for Douglas County Boys & Girls Club

Meet Kai Hartman: Youth of the Year for Douglas County Boys & Girls Club
October 24, 2017 BGCMA

Creativity and leadership come naturally to some and since joining the Douglas Club as a young second-grader, Kai has shined in both areas. After being a Club member for more than a decade, she has come to think of the Douglas Boys & Girls Club community as family. Kai doesn’t shy away from opportunities to step up and serve the Club that has given her space to grow into her innate talents.

Kai took the initiative to start a cheerleading club, providing an opportunity for younger Club members to experience the positive spirit and personal growth that cheering offers, without concerns for cost or other constraints that may have prevented them from joining outside recreational team. She not only organized the squad; she raised money to ensure members had what they needed to participate and mentored the girls who came to look up to her. Kai has always maintained a spirit of service, consistently volunteering at the local courthouse and pantries.

Kai credits her Club family with providing her with a space to come out of her shell and providing her with a platform to grow as a role model, and also as a creative individual. She is a thriving student, maintaining a 3.7

grade point average. She hopes to attend Howard University and pursue a career in television screenwriting and production.

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