Meet Elijah Howard: Youth of the Year for Malon D. Mimms Boys & Girls Club

Meet Elijah Howard: Youth of the Year for Malon D. Mimms Boys & Girls Club
October 31, 2017 BGCMA

Elijah entered the Malon D. Mimms club at eight years old, quickly earning a name for himself; but mostly for the trouble he caused. Today, due to the efforts of his Club standing by his side, Elijah is “a better young man.” He is running program areas as a way of contributing to his Club, a role that has taught him the true meaning of independence, responsibility and leadership.

Mrs. Pitts, an instructor at his Club, taught him that learning never stops. She had them write poems and essays –

beyond his assigned classwork – to help him realize knowledge is power. Elijah has a strong grade point average, which he believes will open more doors of opportunity after he graduates from high school.

Elijah also believes in the power of giving back. Beyond his Club, he looks for ways to take care of his friends and family, bringing positivity to his interactions. He volunteers to cut grass for people who are not physically able to do it for themselves.


He says music and sports are his favorite hobbies. He intends to pursue a major in sports journalism in college.

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