Meet Dalyn Small: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for Lawrenceville Boys & Girls Club

Meet Dalyn Small: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for Lawrenceville Boys & Girls Club
October 12, 2016 BGCMA
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Dalyn Small was introduced to the Lawrenceville Boys & Girls Club when he was 15. Amidst the challenges of school, work and home, he remembers the experience like finding a hidden treasure. He recalls, “I saw a million opportunities to be the person I hoped to be.”

Dalyn had noticed a disturbing trend among his peers. They were settling. They weren’t pushing themselves. They were afraid and focusing on what was comfortable. Dalyn, however, was not comfortable settling. It was the many opportunities that he saw at his Club that opened his eyes to the person he could become.

Dalyn pushed himself. He became an active member in College Bound , a program that prepares teens for

college testing, scholarships and campus life, Keystone, a service and leadership group for teens ages 14-18, and Passport to Manhood, a program designed to help middle school boys develop positive self-concept, build awareness of the greater community and world, and set educational and career goals. He also served as a LINK Lite counselor at Camp Kiwanis, a 160-acre outdoor recreation area, where he helped to mentor younger campers and assist staff with key initiatives.

He also proved himself academically and at school. Dalyn attends Central Gwinnet High School and has completed numerous Honors courses including literature, chemistry, Spanish, geometry, and history. He is an accomplished athlete in Jui Jitsu, Thai boxing, and track.

He credits the exposure to the multimedia lab at his Club for changing his life and uncovering his passion for music. “It started out with the first song I did with a friend of mine titled Black History.  I found myself not wanting to stop. Now I produce my own beats, record and mix. I even started a group at our Club called Cyber Echo. The goal of this group is to shine light on all the good we can do, and prove how cool it could be through music and visual arts.”

Now, he wakes up every morning with a powerful drive to master his ability and searching for a way to positively impact his peers.  When Dalyn graduates next spring, he hopes to begin college and major in graphic design.

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