Meet Chasity Marks: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for George Washington Carver Boys & Girls Club

Meet Chasity Marks: 2016/2017 Youth of the Year for George Washington Carver Boys & Girls Club
October 12, 2016 BGCMA
chasity marks - Carver YOY

If you get the chance to meet Chasity, you’ll likely be struck by her upbeat, effervescent nature.  However, this lightheartedness can sometimes mask her other, more serious side. Chasity is on a mission.

As a result of experiences she has had at George Washington Carver Boys & Girls Club and passions she has found along the way, Chasity wants to bring a different approach to the delivery of programs and initiatives aimed at helping youth.  She believes the best way to do this is to provide those services herself – ultimately by establishing and running her own youth group home.

Chasity didn’t always know her path. She started at the

Club at just 6 years old and remembers hating it at first, “It was hard. I felt out of place. I wasn’t with my sisters and I didn’t have many friends.” But that soon changed. “I met Ms. Tiffany and she started to build my confidence. She saw something in me and encouraged me to push beyond my limits.”

Her work as a mentor to junior students through the Keystone Club, a service and leadership group for teens 14-18, has given her real life experience in guiding and supporting others.  The reward she gets is life affirming, both to her and to those around her.”

“Being a teen can be hard. I want to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone. The struggles you face don’t define who you are.”

In order to equip herself with the skills and education she needs to pursue her dream, she hopes to attend Miles College and pursue a double major in business accounting and social work. Her participation in College Bound, a program that prepares teens for college testing, scholarships and campus life, has provided a window into a world of possibility through higher education.

Chasity believes, with the right skills and education, she will be primed to make a real, positive difference in young people’s lives, just as the Boys & Girls Club has done for her. Her perfect mix of enlightened enthusiasm and purposeful drive is sure to make an impact. And that’s something to take very seriously.

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