Making His Mark: Keavonte L.

Making His Mark: Keavonte L.
July 14, 2017 BGCMA

You Connected Kids to their Communities!

When Keavonte L. was growing up and saw police officers around his neighborhood of Thomasville Heights, he always associated them with something bad like a break in or a crime. Now, he’s learned officers are there to serve his community, not just police it. At his Club, Keavonte participated in the Atlanta Police Foundation’s At-Promise Youth Mentorship program, an initiative aimed at strengthening youth-police relations, improving social awareness, and enhancing self-esteem. In time, he began to realize the real value that people like Officer Funderbirk bring to his community and formed deep bonds over shared hopes and dreams. He was so inspired by his involvement in the program, he even launched a panel discussion at his Club “Talking with 12” aimed at bridging the divide between law enforcement and local teens and discussing ways they can join forces to make the community stronger.

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