Making Her Mark: Jasmine M.

Making Her Mark: Jasmine M.
July 14, 2017 BGCMA

You Helped Kids Succeed In School and Beyond!

Because of your support, last year, Jasmine M. secured a coveted Gates Millennium scholarship. Now, she’s on her way to Kennesaw State with a big dream and a full ride. She couldn’t have gotten to where she is today without you and the College Bound program at her Boys & Girls Club. In this program, Club advisors helped Jasmine prepare for the ACT and SATs, took her on college tours, and guided her through the application process. They also helped her secure the funding she needed to get to and through her post- secondary education. In fact, overall, kids from Metro Atlanta Clubs secured more than more than $1.7 million in post-secondary scholarships. Jasmine plans to continue making her mark in her community and across the world. She is majoring in early childhood education and, if she keeps her grades up, her scholarship offers a full ride to graduate school as well. Jasmine hopes to shape the lives of young children and help them find their love for learning.

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