Healthy Lifestyles

BE Healthy

BGCMA encourages our youth to BE HEALTHY for a GREAT future. We offer fitness and preventative health and wellness programs that promote healthy habits and combat the rising epidemic of childhood obesity.  Our programs address problems such as drug and alcohol use and premature sexual activity, while gender-specific programs reinforce positive behavior and allow youth to learn from their peers in a safe environment.  BGCMA also offers team-based sports programs for all genders and all ages. 

Health & Nutrition

  • Health, Nutrition and Overall Well-Being
  • Gender and Age-Appropriate Programs
  • Basic Safety Skills and Internet Safety
  • Teen-based Mentoring
  • Drug/Alcohol Prevention
  • Gang Resistance Training

Sports, Physical Fitness & Recreation

  • Daily Physical Fitness Activity
  • Social Recreation Activities
  • Full Gym and Game Room
  • Intramural Leagues
  • Swimming
  • Outdoor Environmental Experiences - Camp Kiwanis

For more information on our programs, download BGCMA’s Program Brochure.

Invest in BGCMA programs that foster academic success, healthy living and character and leadership development. Your support will change the FUTURE.

Success Stories

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