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Running around, playing, recreational sports and activities — these all seem to come naturally to children. But did you know Georgia's rate of childhood obesity is one of the highest in the nation? As does the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation (AFYF), we at Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta believe success starts with a healthy body and mind. AFYF is a key partner committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and believes in providing for the children of our community.

In 2005, AFYF launched its Falcons Fitness Zones initiative and implemented Zones in six of our Clubs. These Zones are designed to help kids gain access to physical activities that improve their bodies and minds. AFYF chose BGCMA as one of its signature partners to reach families in our network. Since launching our partnership, we have taught thousands of kids and families the importance of being healthy. Our kids now have access to swimming lessons, dance, flag football, distance running and a variety of sports that stimulate team work and build positive habits.

Falcons players and cheerleaders regularly visit and interact with the kids. As role models for many of the children in the Zones, Falcons players and cheerleaders can motivate children to lead an active lifestyle and limit sedentary pastimes that lead to childhood obesity. Together, AFYF and BGCMA are changing the minds and bodies of our youth, and helping them prepare for a healthy and prosperous future.

Thanks AFYF for providing healthy promises to thousands of kids! 

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